Asscher Alliance DMCC provides unsurpassed support for strategic decision making and implementation. The Company has strategic networks and alliances that can assist its clients to promote their products and services. The company also assists in the procurement of new business opportunities so that our clients reach their full potential.


We provide practical and implementable solutions to our clients, both large and small, on how to optimize value from each business within the Group. Our services include:

Group portfolio and diversification strategy
Which businesses to invest in, harvest and exit from?

Identification and harnessing of synergies between businesses
What value can a business bring to the rest of the portfolio?

Shared services strategy
Which are the functions that can be centralized and how can the center add value?

Talent strategy
Is the group able to attract and retain top talent?


We help clients become market leaders through insightful solutions borne out of a deep understanding of the clients’ issues as well as market realities. We believe each client issue is unique, hence refuse to provide generic solutions. Issues typically addressed in this area include:

Feasibility assessments
Do proposed new projects and initiatives make sense?

Product strategy
How to ensure that the product/ proposition has a distinct competitive advantage?

Market strategy
Which are the focus customer segments and geographies for the product?

Channel strategy
What is the best channel mix to serve the target market?

Marketing, sales and distribution
How to optimize execution?


To undertake stakeholder expectations – both external as well as internal and reach its potential, an organization must uninterruptedly improve its performance – and sustain that improvement. We help enhance corporate performance by supporting management with the tools they need to deliver.

We work alongside the clients to diagnose and quantify scope for improvement, identify key levers to reduce costs or improve productivity, and draw up action plans that are ambitious yet practical.

Areas where we can add significant value to your organization:

Sales Force Effectiveness | Is the investment in the sales force justified?

Pricing Optimization | Is pricing aligned to strategy?

Supply Chain and Logistics Efficiency | Is the supply chain meeting its objectives?

Sourcing/Purchasing Enhancement | Is procurement a source of competitive advantage?

Efficiency Improvement | Where are the lacunae in the production process?

Strategic Cost Management | Is the cost structure optimal?

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